Nike Goddess of Athletics and Victory


Name: Nike
Alternate Identity: None
Identity: Public
Base of Operations:
First Appearance: Ancient Greece
Power Level: 10
Power Point Total: 150
Size: Medium
Height: 5’6"
Gender: Female
Weight: 135 lbs
Eyes: Dark Green
Hair: Auburn

Modifier / Total = Base Score + Enhanced Score
Strength: +3 / 16 = 10 + 6
Dexterity +6 / 22 = 10 + 12
Constitution +1 / 12 = 10 + 2
Intelligence +0 / 10 = 10 + 2
Wisdom +0 / 10 = 10 + 2
Charisma +1 / 13 = 10 + 6

Total= Base Modifier + Ability Modifier + Misc. Modifier
Toughness 3 = 2 + 1 + 0
Fortitude 1 = 1 + 1 + 0
Reflex 14 = 8 + 6 + 0
Will 2 = 1 + 1 + 0


Total=Defense Bonus+Dodge Bonus+Size Modifier+Flat Footed

Defense 25 = 7 + 8 + 0 + 0

Total=Dex Modifier+Power Modifier+Feat. Modifier

Initiative 46 = 6 + 40

Hero Points: 2



Skills (Only Listing Skills Put Points Into)

Key Ability/ Skill Bonus = Skill Rank + Ability Modifier + Misc. Modifier

Disable Device:Int/10=10+0+0
Escape Artist:Dex/14=8+6+0
Knowledge (Tatics):Int/13=13+0+0
Language (Ancient Greek):-/2=2+0+0
Sense Motive:Wis/8=8+0+0


Cost:50 points
You have quickness and speed equal to your power rank and a +4 bonus to initiative checks per power rank. You also gain one of the power feats below at your power rank (choose one when you acquire Super Speed). You can acquire the others as standard power feats. (Insubstantial)

Cost:0 points (Was given rank 10 through Super Speed package so no cost.)
Linked:Yes (Super Speed)
You can move faster than normal. You have a ground speed of 10 mph at rank 1. Each additional rank moves your speed one step up the Time and Value Progression Table. At Rank 19 you can reach anywhere on Earth in a single move action. At rank 20, you can accelerate to near the speed of light!
Current Speed:10,000 mph

Cost:0 points (Was given rank 10 through the Super Speed Package at no cost.)
You can perform routine tasks quickly. For purposes of this power a routine task is one where you can take 20 on that check. At rank 1 you perform such tasks at twice normal speed (x2). Each additional rank moves your speed one step up the Time and Value Progression Table (x5, x10, x25, and so forth). At rank 20, you perform routine tasks at 5 million times normal speed! Tasks where you cannot take 20 (including combat actions) are unaffected by Quickness, nor is movement speed. You can take 20 normally using Quickness and if your power rank is action (3 seconds) or less. If you can perform a task in a single second the GM may choose to treat that task as a free action for you (although the Gm can still limit the number of free actions you can accomplish in a round as usual). Among other things, this allows you to do things like take 20 on a disable device check by trying all possible combinations of a lock at great speed, or take 20 on a knowledge check by reading all available research materials in an instant.
1/2500th of normal speed.

Cost:0 Points (Was given rank 10 through Super Speed Power Package)
Linked:Yes (Super Speed)
Rank 4 (Incorporeal):You can pass through solid matter at your normal speed and you unaffected by physical and energy attacks. Mental and Sensory effects still work on you, as do powers with the affects Insubstantial power feat. Choose one other reasonably common effect that works on while you are incorporeal. You have no Strength and cannot affect the physical world unless you purchase the affects corporeal modifier on one or more of your abilities or powers Your mental and sensory effects still work normally.
Affected By:Mental, Sensory, and

Water Run:
Linked:Yes (Super Speed)
You can run across the surface of water without sinking as long as you keep moving.

Wall Run:
Linked:Yes (Super Speed)
You can run up and down walls and other vertical surfaces without a Climb Check.

Combat, Ranked
Linked:Yes (Super Speed)
You only take half effect from an area effect even if you rail the Reclex save, and no effect if you succeed.

Move By Action:
Linked:Yes (Super Speed)
When taking a standard action and a move action you can move both before and after the standard action, provided the total distance isn’t greater than your movement speed.

Effect:Immunity, Regeneration
Action:None (Passive)
Saving Throws:None
Cost:5 Points
You cannot die! Well, technically you can die, but you always get better, eventually. You are immune to aging, disease, and poisons. If your condition becomes dead, you can make a recovery check(DC 10) in a week’s time, success means our condition becomes unconscious and disabled, from which you recover normally. Failure means you remain dead for another week. Then you get another recovery check, and so forth until you succeed on a check. this is Regeneration 1 effect assigned to Resurrection with the True Resurrection extra. To recover from death and injury faster, apply more ranks of Regeneration (see the Regeneration effect description for details).

General, Ranked
Cost:5 Points
You have 5 Points to spend on equipment per rank in this feat. See Chapter 7 for details on equipment. (25 Points for equipment.)

Equipment Section:

Skyscraper (5 Floors):
Cost:16 Points
A communication system allows the headquarters to receive and transmit on a wide range of radio and TV bands, monitor police and emergency channels, coordinate communications between members of a team, and so forth. It includes communications equipment, consoles and monitors. The system’s access to restricted communication bands depends on the clearance and skills of the user. Heroes often have access to special government channels, while a successful Computers skill check (DC 25) can grant a user illegal access to restricted systems.

A state of the art computer system serving the entire headquarters (mainframe or mini-frame). This allows characters to make full use of the computers skill and can be programmed to handle routine base functions (including monitoring communications channels and controlling defensive systems). For an artificially intelligent computer system, see constructs, page 148).

Defense System:
A defense system consists of various weapon emplacements defending the exterior and interior of the headquarters. A defense system can have any attack effect with a rank no greater than the campaigns power level. These attack devices try to disable or restrain anyone approaching or invading the headquarters. Their attack bonus is equal to the campaign’s power level. Heroic HQ’s usually have nonlethal weapons while villainous defense systems are often lethal.

Fire Prevention System:
The headquarters is equipped with an automatic system for detecting and extinguishing fires. Any large open flame sets the system off (beware, fire using heroes!). It functions like the Nullify power (See page 94) at rank 5 against fire. A computer-controlled fire prevention system can be programmed to ignore certain sources of fire or the system can be placed on manual control (requiring someone to throw a switch in order to activate it).

A gym consists of weight-training another exercise machines, space for working out, stretching, and similar exercises, and all the necessary amenities (lockers, showers, etc.). Some HQ’s may incorporate the gym feature into the combat simulator, for a multi-purpose training room.

A hangar houses air and space vehicles (see vehicles, page 142). It includes a hatch and /or runway for the vehicles to launch and facilities for repairing and maintaining flying vehicles. For some HQ’s the launch facilities of the hangar may require a long tunnel or other access to the outside.

An infirmary consists of hospital beds and equipment for the full use of the Medicine skill. An infirmary can provide treatment for a number of characters equal to the base’s power level at one time and it can assumed to have the necessary facilities to handle any unusual physiology of the base’s owner(s).

A laboratory is a facility for the use of Knowledge skills in performing scientific tests or experiments. It contains all the necessary scientific equipment, including dedicated computers, if the headquarters doesn’t have its owner computer system. characters can use the laboratory to perform research study unusual phenomena (including many super-powers). and so forth.

A library allows for use of various Knowledge skills when doing research. A library may consist of printed matter (books and periodicals), microfilm, computer databases, or a combination of all three. A library allows characters to take 20 on most knowledge skill checks unless the information they’re looking for is particularly obscure (in GM’s judgment).

Living Space:
The headquarters includes all the necessary amenities for people to live there full-time. This is usually a number of people equal to the HQ’s power level (possibly more at the GM’s discretion). It includes bedrooms or private suites, kitchen facilities, dining area, and common living areas. Characters can live in a headquarters lacking this feature short-term, but they’re not likely to be very comfortable.

Power System:
A power system makes the headquarters completely independent of outside power. It has its own generators (which may be solar, geothermal, nuclear, or anything else he designer wants). They provide for all the base’s power needs. The headquarters also has emergency back-up power should the generators fail. this generally lasts for a number of hours equal to the HQ’s power level.

Security System:x4
Various locks and alarms protect the headquarters from unauthorized access. A Disable Device check (DC 20) overcomes these systems. Each additional feature increases the DC by +5. The security system may be tired into a defense system (if the headquarters is equipped with that feature), so triggering an alarm activates the defense system to disable or restrain the intruder(s).

A workshop has all the facilities for use of various craft skills. It includes tool workbenches, supplies, and so forth. The Gamemaster may rule certain Craft skills cannot be used in a workshop, or require a workshop of their own (which is an addition feature). For example, a workshop can easily handle woodworking, metalworking, and machining, but might not be suitable for creating magical inventions (see page 132), which require a separate dedicated workshop.

Combat Simulator:



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